Sunday, July 6, 2008

These funny boys, v 3

Another random post with the little things they're doing these days...
When the boys stand in the corner, we have them count to 10 or 20 before they can get out. Connery counts by himself now! Uh, Do, Uh, Bibe, Debn, Ake, Nigh, Deh!" (yeah, lots of numbers missing, but 7, 8, 9 and 10 are always there...because that means he gets out of the corner now!) He even says his ABC's...A, B, C, D, 7, 8, 9, 10!

He pronounces his ending t sounds like "k" so "bite" becomes "bike," "eight" becomes "ake," "light" becomes "like" and "eat" becomes "eak"

We make him apologize to Kieran after he hits him. (Yeah, it happens a lot. *sigh*) And early on, we tried to teach him the sign for "sorry." To make the sign, you make a fist and move it left to right in a circle in front of your chest. It's almost like you're moving it in a circle over your heart, so it's a nice gesture. Well, somehow he got mixed up and he doesn't make the sign over his own chest. Instead, he makes a fist and tries to move it around in front of YOUR chest. Sweet, but it looks like he's trying to hit you again! I had a hard time explaining that to a father after I told Connery to tell his little girl sorry.

Some friends of ours have a Golden Retriever named Scout who visits when his "parents" are out of town. Gryphon LOVES it! He's been over several times since Connery has been born, but somehow when he showed up after Memorial Day, Connery decided he was afraid of him. He didn't like to be in the same room with him and told us "otTAH" when he wants Scout to go outside. We tried explaining that Scout is Gryphon's friend. We tried getting Connery to pet him to see that he won't hurt him. Nothing worked. So, we just kept them on opposite floors of the house and checked every now and then to see if Connery had changed his mind. We'd ask him a bunch of random questions and throw in "Do you like Scout?"... his answer was always no. Poor Scout. But Gryphon and Kieran love him enough to make up for it. He came back around July 4, and Connery was much more used to him. Scout even got a couple of kisses from him this time! I guess he got more lucky on the second date ;) Oh, and right before Scout left, Kieran said that Gryphon would have "sad eyes" when Scout was gone.

We went on a picnic in the front yard--which was maybe the best picnic ever--and Kieran had an ant on his leg. I flicked it off, and he said, "Momma, you're just great."

Kieran's really into Star Wars right now, or "tah huss" as Connery calls it. Before, any long stick was a sword, but now it's a "lipe saver." He wants to watch the movie every day, and unfortunately the only one we have on dvd is #2 Attack of the Clones...not our favorite. Kieran says that he's a Jedi, and I'm Obi Wan Kenobi. He lets Sandy be Yoda, and I'll have to see who he thinks Connery is. R2D2 maybe?

He also loves Super Why from PBS. Four little characters become super heros to help solve problems, and they always look "in a book!" to find "super letters" to fill in missing letters of the answer. Almost like Hangman or Wheel of Fortune. Super Why uses a "super duper computer" which looks a lot like a Blackberry or one of those phones that has a full keyboard, and now Kieran picks up rocks and wallets and calls them his super duper computer. He wants one whenever we go to the store, but I have only found toy cell phones with number pads. Let me know if you run across a toy blackberry! ;)

He really hits the letter "p" hard, so "Stop, Kieran, stop!" sounds like "Doppa, Thi-Thi, Doppa."
bike-uh-cuh--bicycle (which is what he calls motorcycles, too)
Home, Home Rain!--Home, Home on the Range
Like, Luh, Muh--I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! (You know, the old Tim McGraw song?)
Muh-Bumbee--More "Bumblebee" (a song we sing)
Mow (rhymes with cow)--Meow. That's what he calls the cat. And it's funny that every now and then I'll call it that, too, when I'm talking to him. Today, out of the blue, he said, "Sorry, Mow." And I asked, "What did you do to Mow? I mean, Sweets."

Look at what I can do--It's just funny because it always makes me think of Stuart on Mad TV
floop loops--Froot Loops

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Amy said...

Izzy loves Super Why too! Last week we were telling her the story of the three little pigs and she wanted to change the word bad to nice to make it a nice wolf. She "zapped" bad and put in nice, doing all the little motions they do on the TV show.