Monday, March 24, 2008

Butler Theatre presents Cinderella

And the boys loved it. Well, Kieran did anyway. He watched the play pretty intently, and during scene changes, said, “Let’s do one more.” He thought the stepsisters were funny and said “They’re fighting like me and Connery.” His favorite part was “Cinderella” or “The printheth.” But he wouldn’t say it in front of Viv, the actress who played the part. He got bashful. He sat with Meagan who was dressed in her Cinderella dress and waved a little wand like she was the Fairy Godmother…Kieran held his wand with the star in his hand and jabbed it around like a sword!

Connery liked it until the stepsisters started fighting about 6 feet away from us. He cried and pointed at them until we had to go hang out in the lobby. Not the best place to see a show from.

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