Monday, March 31, 2008

Kieran's stories

So I'm used to posting one big update monthly. I'll have to figure out how I want to post little blogs along the way instead, since it's a lot easier to do that on a blog. So I'm going to write several posts here from last month.

This one's about some of the funny things Kieran's been saying lately.

Green means…Go
Red means…Stop
Yellow means...........Jump.
At the end of The Monster at the End of this Book, which was my FAVORITE book when I was little, I asked Kieran if we should turn the page. “No. ‘Cause he would be scared. He is scared of a monster.”
We turned it anyway, and then he explained, "He is not scared, 'acause I am here. And I am bigger."
At the end of The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss asks, "Well what would you do if your mother asked you?" Kieran's answer...“I would not tell my mother I saw the Cat in the Hat. I would tell her I saw a monster. ‘Cause after I was little last year, I was a big, bad Superman. And Connery was Batman. After he was bigger.”
He thinks it’s funny to say “poopie.” Especially at the table. When we try to ignore it, he points it out to us. "Mommy, I said 'poopie.' That's a potty word, right?"
He complains about the sun getting in his eyes on the way home, and one day even said, “I no like the sun.” A few minutes later, he told me, “I make the sun sad, ‘acause I say he is not my friend. But he is nice to me, and I am his friend now. And he is happy.”
We battle with him almost every day about picking his nose! One day, I reminded him, and he said, “I’m just getting the bugs out of my nose.” I said, “What bugs?” and he said, “I have biggers in my nose, and I call them bugs.”
He likes to put rocks in his pocket, so laundry is a lot of fun. He picks them up at school, our own yard, in front of Logan’s…everywhere. He sweetly takes some out periodically and gives them to us. “This one’s for you, Mommy.”

Oh, and he knows his left from his right somehow. They must have taught him that at school, because he gets it right (haha, correct) every time we ask him!
And of course, a regular installment of Kieran speak
After—instead of when—“After I was a baby, I spit up sometimes.”
Grandpa—RitaBa—One day, he said, “I’m thinking of my grandpa.” We said, which grandpa? Papa or PaGaga, and he said RitaBa. We’ve tried to explain that she’s grandma, but he doesn’t get it.

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BWAAHAA-HAA!! You have succumbed to the allure of Blogger!!! Now it has us both in its evil clutches....

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