Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Boys of Summer

Can you smell the "sun-cream" over there? We've certainly been slathering it on. The days are hot and just lazy enough. I wish every day could be like today. The boys and I slept until 8, played a little hide and seek with the blankets, heard Connery say "widge-wuh-duh" (refrigerator), let the dog out, threw on some clothes and loaded up in the wagon. We live in a great quiet neighborhood that's within walking distance to the grocery store, pool, a few little shops and Kenny Mango's Coffee Shop!! They have a drive-through that's perfect on my way to school, and I've always thought, "We could walk here." Today, we proved it. Well, Mommy walked there anyway...the boys just rode along. So they weren't nearly as sweaty when we arrived.

I ordered my "regular"--a monkey-sized Chai Tea Latte--and Kieran immediately asked to play with the little plastic monkey they give whenever you order that size. (Get 10 of them, and you get a monkey-sized drink free! It's a common trick, but much more fun than a punch card, huh?) They splashed a little in the fountain, ate some breakfast, played Scrabble...and just hung out.

Then what to do?? Hmmmm...tough choice. How about load back into the wagon and walk to the neighborhood playground? Good choice. It's a little known place (with brand new equipment, oddly enough), so we had the place to ourselves. Connery amazed me with how quickly he climbed to the top of the tall slide. And Kieran climbed the monkey bars, well, like a little monkey.

Then for another tough about go home for a little Reading Rainbow and a lazy day nap? Sounds good to me! (Somehow the boys weren't as excited about the nap as I was, but that's not the point. We still snuggled up in the same bed and sang silly songs. I got about an hour's worth of sleep before the boys woke up--if they were ever asleep at all.)

A little lunch and a late afternoon shower for Mommy, and we're ready when Daddy gets home to pick us up for Kieran's t-ball game. The boys have advanced a little beyond the basics--no more shouting "First base!! No, not second! First!"--and are still so darn cute! Some popsicles and Chick-fil-A after the game, then back home for baths and bedtime.
Tomorrow we'll be really busy...swimming. And maybe getting the boys' haircut. Maybe not. We might decide to take naps instead. Or climb some monkey bars. (I could really get used to this...)


BookMomma said...

Ahhhhh... that sounds like a blast!! Can't wait to hang out with you guys next week!

JennBeth said...

That sounds like the perfect summer day. Can I hang out with you, K&C????