Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Autographs Please

You know how all these blogs are about how cool and smart and cute the boys are? ;) Well, you know they've got to get that from somewhere...and today, I think we could all argue, they get it from Sandy!
Make sure you pick up a copy of NATURE magazine today, because Sandy's got an article in it!!

It's pretty exciting that this article has made it "mainstream" especially since it's one of the last articles he worked on before he left the NSSTC where he did research.

The official title is "An infrared ring around the magnetar SGR 1900+14" but one of the online reports has a great title: "CSI: Milky Way team works scene of dead star"

Exciting, huh?

You can buy the magazine at just about any bookstore, and there are lots of articles about it online. Here are a few links.

He's had a few other articles in NATURE, actually. The abstracts are online, and you might be able to find the full articles out there, too.

Stay tuned for the post about how the boys explain Daddy's article to me!

1 comment:

BookMomma said...

Um, HELLO??? This is sort of a BIG DAMN DEAL!!!
Why didn't you say something about this so we could go buy all the copies? How cool!!!

And we "knew him when"... Congrats Sandy Pants!