Tuesday, May 27, 2008

These funny boys, v 2

I think Connery says a new word almost every day, so our Connery- speak section is going to get longer and longer... Connery-speak:
bike--(That one is VERY clear.)
NoMommy. NoDaddy.--He doesn't just say, No. He says, "NoMommy" very quickly.
Off me!--That one is clear, too.
My see--I want to see.
Oth, thih-thih, oth--Watch, Kieran, watch.
Doing?--What are you doing?


teddy....t-t-t---T! (He's constantly trying to figure out what words start with.
Know what Amy starts with? F! (I guess because it's pronounced "ehf" and he thinks "Amy" has the same sound.)
My teddy bear's name is "pimple. Is that a funny word?"

One night, Kieran didn't want to go to bed, so after Sandy went downstairs, he climbed into bed with me. I asked him if Daddy told him he could lay with me, and he whispered "When daddy gets in here I will get out of your bed." It turns out that Sandy he could, but it's funny that he felt so secretive about it.

We're out of school for the summer!! We're lucky that our preschool lets us have the summer off. It saves us a lot of money and really gives me quality time with the boys while I'm off. I think they'll miss their friends and teachers at school, though, so we may stop by every now and then just to say hi or read some books or something. We might stop by on a Thursday every now and then for show and tell. Otherwise, Kieran will miss a lot of the alphabet! And this week is his favorite: K!
The past couple of weeks he took (Mr.) Incredible for I day, and The Jungle Book book for J.

Kieran was wheezing a couple of weeks ago, so our pediatrician met us at his office and prescribed some medication he has to take through a nebulizer like Connery used to use. Kieran's has a cute Nemo-looking mask, though. He is remarkably cooperative about getting "his medicine" and will even hold the mask in front of his face while he reads or play with toys. It takes about 15 minutes, so the last 5 is usually tougher, because he gets restless. One day, I even tickled him to get him to breathe it all in hard, and he never took the mask off!

He says, "No, ma'am" and "No, sir," but usually only when he knows he's in trouble. And he often mixes them up, so Sandy gets the "Yes, ma'am" a lot.

One day, we spent the day at Butler, and that night he called me "Mrs. Patel" and laughed. I asked him who calls me that, and he said "your friends" meaning my students!

A few nights ago, Philip slept over, because Mike and Susan had to be in Birmingham early the next morning. We were excited, but just a little nervous...I had flashbacks of sleepovers that ended with a call home for Momma and Daddy to pick me up. But Philip did great. He got a little spooked by Gryphon early in the night, and cried that he wanted his mommy and daddy, but after about 20 minutes of cuddling and distracting, he let that go. Bathtime was a blast for the big boys, but Connery kept trying to climb in with them. He's used to bathing with Kieran and didn't probably thought he could figure out a way for all three of them to fit in the tub. Even bedtime went smoothly. Connery fell asleep in the rocking chair, Philip laid in Connery's bed and let me read a couple of books, and Kieran finished his medicine and lay on the Spiderman blow up bed. We want to have the next sleepover during a weekend, so we can stay up late and watch movies...

One morning Kieran looked over at a beautiful magnolia tree in our neighborhood, and shouted, "Mommy, look at those eggs!" I explained that those "eggs" were really blooms, or flowers on the tree, and he said, "But they're eggs. And some of the eggs just opened up by themselves."

Kieran noticed a sore on the back of Connery's back and wanted to put a band-aid on it. While he did, he explained to Connery that he needed a band-aid for his "sword."

Sandy and I set up a swingset in the backyard yesterday, and I thought Kieran was going to lose his mind waiting for us to finish! He kept asking, "Are you finished yet? Can I ride on this now?" Connery hasn't gotten to play on it, because it rained right after he got up from his nap and is raining today. But I know it will be a daily playspot this summer. I'm excited about all the adventures we'll have while we're out of school. But if Connery doesn't stop biting and hitting, HE may spend the whole summer in the corner! *sigh*


JennBeth said...

It was so great to see you this weekend and get to spend a little time with the boys. They are growing up SO fast! I can't get over how much older Connery looks now, compared with January. Glad you got the swingset assembled.

BookMomma said...

Can't wait to see that swingset! I think I know some little boys who might want to do it some damage...

We'll all have to go "fimming" this year too. I hear Hampton Cove does night movies by their pool and we have a friend who lives there. And then there's always the beach!