Monday, May 12, 2008

These funny boys

Some random moments from the past couple of weeks...

The other day, I smelled something. The faint whiff of "diaper" from a few feet away. So I got up and pulled Connery's pants back to look down in his diaper. Yep, dirty. I told him we needed to change his diaper and walked to the counter to put my glass down...and he lifted MY skirt! Like he was checking MY diaper...

Kieran has learned to "brake" on his bicycle. In fact, he doesn't go very far at a time now, because he gets a little momentum and then brakes just to show off.

He loves to see flags flying and tells me which ones are out of batteries (because they're not waving).

Connery has started to recognize colors, but he calls everything "boo." He talks much clearer than Kieran did at his age and even strings several words together like "ma ha da pee" (more hot dog please) and "yayo ba" (yellow ball).

The other day, Connery got his first haircut since THE first haircut. I worried that he would have a little tantrum or want me to hold him, but he was so calm. Cool, even. He leaned back and put his arm over the back of the chair like he was modeling! Kieran told me the next day, "I took a haircut so now I don't have any hair. But now I just have more."

He hold his arms up to show off his "missiles." An appropriate wrong word, huh?

On the way home, he was trying to figure out what letters started different words. b-b-b-buzz...Buzz starts with B! starts with D! fw-fw-fw-fwoody...Woody starts with WE!

He was excited that last week's letter at school was H, because he could bring a horse for show-n-tell. They've been bringing items which start with certain letters of the alphabet during the last few weeks. Kieran missed the A and D weeks, but here's what he's taken so far. Buzz, his Camera, Elmo, a Firetruck, George (Curious George)...

Oh, and, still, when you ask him what he dreamt about or what he's going to dream about, he says, "hortheth." I think that's been his answer for about a year now.

He told us the other day that he had to hold the rail while he walked downstairs, or else he'd fall and crack his head open. Crack his head open??!! Where in the world did he learn that?? "Luke Shomber" as he calls a little boy in his class. The same boy who taught him the word "venom." But he also wears red galoshes as often as Kieran wears his "rocket boots" (aka pirate galoshes) so he's got to be pretty cool.

Finally, tonight we visited with our friends "Toser and Tater" and Toser took Kieran outside to see the moon. When we got back home, he walked to the front door and shouted, "I have a moon and my friend has a moon too! Two moons!!"

You just never know what he's going to say...and Connery's right behind him.

P.S. I'll post an update about little Tater soon. I couldn't believe how big he's gotten...and what a content little boy he is. His sign for his big brother "Toser" is to put his hands beside his head and move them around like "crazy hair!"

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JennBeth said...

I love that story about Kieran and the two moons. I hope I can post funny Ellie stories when she gets older. :)