Monday, May 26, 2008

Rookie of the Year!

Kieran played in his very first t-ball game Thursday! Papa, Nana, Meagan, Ba and PaGaga came to watch, which I'm sure made him feel like a real celebrity. The entire team looked simply precious in their uniforms, and I was impressed by how well they played, considering that they still have to be reminded to go to 1st base first, or to throw the ball when they get it...

Kieran cracked us up by hitting the ball with lots of energy! He held the helmet a little above his head the whole time, and later told me that "The helmet just moved when I ran and it was just tickling me." But he runs from 1st to 2nd, or 2nd to 3rd. Who knows?? His reluctance to run to 1st actually got him out once. (The only out of the game...woo hoo! ;) But I don't think he even realizes it, because according to t-ball rules, a player doesn't have to leave the field when he gets out. So he still got to run the bases afterwards.

One of my favorite moments of the game was when Finn batted Kieran into home. Or when Kieran held Caleb's hand to take position at 2nd base. Or when Ba had to get on the field to help when it seemed Kieran wouldn't play any other way. And especially when they all lined up at the end of the game to give the traditional hand slaps. I admit that I got teary a few times during the game, but I remembered...There's no crying in baseball!

Speaking of crying, I caught Kieran crying on the field once (Not sure why), but he's eager to play again. I'll try to get video at a game soon.

Arrgghh!! Pirates...kings of the sea. Er, the field!
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