Friday, September 5, 2008

Celebrating Siblings

In America, we celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandparents Day, Boss's Day... but no Brother/Sister Day. That may be why one of my favorite Indian holidays is Raksha Bandan., which is a celebration of brothers and sisters. The tradition is that sisters tie a bracelet--"rakhi"--on their brother's wrist as a blessing, and the brothers give the sisters a gift, usually money. (The sisters win out here ;) Since Kieran and Connery don't have any sisters, and Eleana and Serena are six hours away :( we were excited that sweet Carsyn was willing to step in to tie the rakhi on the boys' wrists. She and her little brother Frankie are in Kieran and Connery's classes, and we've become good friends with their parents. (Olivia and I have decided that we should have been friends long ago.)

The kiddos were all so sweet about it. We met up for dinner at Rosie's, and Carsyn even knew that she was giving the boys a bracelet "like your sister," as she said. And to tie it on, she wrapped the string around and around, I'm sure wondering why it wasn't staying! The boys gave her a hug and gift afterwards, and then they all played in the fountain. That was more fun than anything, I'm sure.

Thank you, Miss Carsyn, for being a good friend and sister for the boys. Of course, you might decide that THREE little brothers is too much of a good thing ;)

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Olivia said...

Amy / Sandy, thank you again for allowing our family to be a part of this celebration. It was simply rec'd most heartfelt.
Love, Olivia and Frank