Monday, September 8, 2008

The Ba is back in town!

IndiraBa visited for a week and did what every good Ba is supposed to do. Spoil the boys, sing Indian songs...and teach them to make puri.

She stayed home with the boys for three days, and from what they tell, played outside, took a few walks, watched cartoons and ate m&ms. She claims that both boys are angels until Mommy and Daddy come home. She actually prefers to sleep on the floor, which is right up the boys' alley! The three of them slept together on the floor all week!

Originally, we had planned to drive down to FL to see Kirti, Scott and the kids, but with the threat of Gustav, we decided not to make the trip. We worried that we would only be able to stay for 24 hours before driving back. And we didn't want to get stuck in the evacuation traffic we had always heard horror stories about. It turns out that Gustav took a turn to the west instead, which was good for them, but frustrated us knowing that we could have visited after all. You just never know... We missed them terribly, and I know Indira thought about it a lot. It would have been the first time in over a year that she had all the grandkids together.

Connery learned that chai was not "gocca muck" but only after much convincing and finally a taste...which he didn't care for. And both boys sat with Ba in the kitchen floor and rolled out dough to make puri. It reminded me of being in India when Kieran was just 16 months old, and I was 7 months pregnant with Connery. We sat on the kitchen floor and dipped our puri in chai every morning. After that trip, Indira said that Kieran was 51% Indian. I hope we can make a trip again with Connery, because right now he's 50/50 ;)

Kieran is proud to tell you that "Ba is India, I'm India, Connery's India, Daddy's India, but Mommy's not India." I wish they got to spend more time with IndiraBa so they really could appreciate how special being "India" truly is.


JennBeth said...

What a sweet photo! That's a great idea! Connery looks like a big boy in it. :( Please make the boys stop growing. Thanks!

BookMomma said...

I love Indira Ba!!!

So glad they got some quality time with her - and the photos are great!