Sunday, October 5, 2008

A month of Sundays...

I haven't posted in "a month of Sundays!" as the Southern saying goes. (For those of you from across the Mason-Dixon, that means that it's been 30 Sundays, or 30 weeks, since my last post.) We've been crazy busy and one or all of us has been out of town almost every weekend. I went to an Indigo Girls concert in Atlanta with some of my best friends and Masi mid-September, and at the end of the month, I flew to Chicago for a theatre conference. (Man, I had really missed that city. It was hard to leave it again at the end of the weekend.)

We all drove up to Tennessee for our Carr family reunion, which is always a major event. Many people dread their reunions, but we look forward to ours every year! It's a three day event with golfing on Friday, lunch, the horseshoe tournament and late-night karaoke at Aunt Bonnie's on Saturday, then breakfast, the big family photo and long goodbyes at Granny's on Sunday. Click here to see the photos and other pics from September. And here for August photos.

And here's a video from K's recent BIG BOY trip with Papa, Nana and M to Lake Winnie up in Chattanooga. It was the first time that Papa and Nana had taken the two oldest grandkids on a special trip just for them, and they had a blast, as you can see. K is not very descriptive about things, so we didn't hear much of the details out of him, but he did volunteer that "Every just kept trying to dump me out. Papa and Nana had to buckle me in so everything couldn't dump me out."

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