Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Working out 24/7

Like I've been working out 24/7...that's how I feel most days. I rarely get a moment just to SIT at school (no Solitaire, funny YouTube videos or fun-reading for me, unfortunately), because I've always got students asking me questions, or meetings to go to, or parents to call, or handouts to copy, or emails to answer...I could go on. And if that's not enough, there's always that HUGE pile of files that I need to sort through on my desk. (And it gets larger every day.)

I've often thought that it would be interesting to keep a log of what I am doing at 5 minute intervals throughout a single day. IF I had the time to stop and write it down every 5 minutes. But I don't.

Time flies when you're having fun, and it runs right over you when you're rushing. Rush out to pick up the boys. Rush home to feed their bellies. Rush through my dinner so I can rush to the sink to wash dishes while they eat. Rush upstairs to give them baths. Rush to get Connery's diaper on before he pees in the floor. Rush to hang their clothes up while they play and pick out a bedtime book to read. ...Slow down a little to read a book and sing a song. Okay, maybe two songs. ... Then, rush downstairs so I can get some school stuff done before I crash around midnight. Rush through 6 and a half hours of sleep, so I can rush through a shower, get the boys ready, rush to get them to school, then rush to get myself to school. And we're back to that pile on my desk and students asking me something every minute.

Thank GOD Sandy takes care of the rushing some nights. We usually trade off getting the boys to and from school, as well as laundry, dishes and regular housework, just depending on who's home and how high the piles are. And MommaBa is a Godsend...she keeps the boys at least one night a week when Sandy and I both have something going on. Because we always have something to do, whether we like it or not.

So when the 24/7 gym opened a couple of streets over, do you think I wanted to add THAT to my list of Things To Do? .... Well. Actually. YES. I was AMAZED at myself. I REALLY wanted to join! I haven't worked out in years. I took a Jazzercise class right before Sandy and I got married 8 years ago, and that's it. I might have tried to walk around the neighborhood a few times since then, but never got on a regular schedule. And I've never believed people when they said they feel better after a workout. That just never made sense to me. In my mind, you'll feel better after getting a massage once a week, not getting sweaty on a treadmill.

Yet, somehow, I was truly excited about joining this gym and working out three times a week. Not because I'd get that massage for an hour (which of course does sound pretty nice), but because once I actually made it through the doors of the gym, I simply wouldn't have to RUSH. I could plug in my iPod, hop on the treadmill and just zone out. Nobody asking questions. Nothing to clean. Nothing to write down. No one to call. Just me.

So now that stack of sports bras and spandex shorts that have been waiting in the corner of my closet for 8 years is getting to see daylight again. And I was so excited when Sandy sent me a link for a sports bra. (I'm a simple girl.) This one has a pocket for a key or iPod. (Genius!) So I don't even have to worry about where to put those. And that's what I think the gym does for me. I have to rush around to get there, but once I'm rush, and ah, no worries.

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Guillemette said...

Way to go... working out will also increase your energy (once you get used to do it regularly)- I always get a boost after the gym even when I feel exhausted beforehand.

Teacher gardener said...

It's true, and I didn't believe it either. After my surgery last year, I started walking every day. I feel much better, especially mentally.

Shawn said...

Ah Amy -- I totally understand the RUSH factor of our lives, and I don't even have a baby yet! It is so true though-- my desk has a stack of files on it and I never get through them. And students NEVER leave me alone and I ALWAYS have messages on my voice mail. Plus I get over 50 emails a day, no joke. Who has time to do all of this? You are awesome to join a gym. Maybe I should follow your lead! :)