Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

...or at least t-ball practice! Kieran and Finn (and their Coach Daddies) had their first t-ball practice ever today! All I can say is...it's going to be an entertaining season ;) The boys were so cute, learning the basics of the game. I'll try to give you a run-down of the first practice, but as you read it, you have to imagine Connery and Eli roaming around, too, one kid crying in the sidelines, Kieran dropping his glove and kicking it around, and Finn dancing near home plate. That was just the background music ;)

The first thing Sandy taught was "take a knee" so he could introduce himself and see how many had played "baseball" before. Then all the boys got a turn running to first base...no first base right here...over here...there ya go....good job! Now second base...no that one...other way...yeah second...no, not that way.........you get the idea ;) After several boys struggled with the concept, Sandy realized that it would help if they all ran together in a pack...with just a few free thinkers heading to whatever base they wanted, of course. Finn prefers to run straight to second base, for example. Rafael likes third.

Next came catching. The boys (and one girl!) grabbed their gloves and partnered up, one across from the other to practice just rolling the ball and catching it. A few stray balls, but overall, they did this one well.

Batting might have been the most hysterical, though. A few kids line up with helmets on at home plate. The rest of the kids position themselves throughout the field (with parent helpers). Then the first kid hits the ball...and chases it! Then the second kid does the same thing! Almost every one of them! In fact, one kid was on his way to second and passed it right up to help a kid in the outfield! And by this time, Kieran and Finn are stepping on ants in the dugout, climbing the bleachers, and telling us they're hungry. Thank goodness for the after-practice snack.

The only thing they didn't do? Well, the little girl pointed out to her mom that they "didn't put our hands in the middle and say something." So I'll be sure to tell the Coach about that request.

They played a little, they learned a little, they got high-fives from lots of parents...and they're eager to come back Saturday. What more can we ask for?

For more pictures and details, check out Finn and Eli's site, http://hotwheelhacienda.blogspot.com/ and our April 08 Picasa page


BookMomma said...

AWESOME action shot of Kieran!!! What hustle!

Finn hasn't stopped talking about about when he can play baseball again. Let's hope it doesn't rain!

JennBeth said...

I love that Finn runs straight to second! And that the boys were climbing up the bleachers to tell you they were hungry. That happens at the Braves games all the time----you would think that Major League Baseball players would outgrow that, but you'd be wrong. Did Coach Sandy enjoy the practice? Is Caleb a coach, too?
Please keep posting stories of the t-ball adventures!!!