Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time out!

Did Kieran have to go into time-out when he was Connery’s age? I don’t think so…but Connery certainly does. Not every day, mind you, but a few times a week. Mostly for hitting. He usually doesn’t hit with anger. He’s usually non-chalant about it. Just seems like the thing to do, I guess. At home, he even walks to the corner on his own…crying the entire time, of course.

Speaking of the corner, Amy said “stupid” one night in the kitchen, which we know is forbidden. “No saying stupid words” according to Kieran. So this night, he heard me, and Sandy said, “What should she do, Kieran?” (I’ll get him for that!) Kieran smiled and said, “Go stand in the corner, Mommy.” It’s been YEARS since I stood in the corner. DECADES, really. And it’s really an awful place. You can’t see anyone else, it’s boring and you’re completely vulnerable. Anyone could sneak up behind you and attack. I knew that I was setting an example for him, so I didn’t argue or complain or ask to get out—the very things he gets in trouble for doing—and I was SOOOOOO glad to get out. After he told me I could come out, he said, “Now you have to say sorry.” Which I did. Because I was. I don’t ever want to do that again!

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BookMomma said...

You are officially hard core. Makes me wonder if this will work on my beasties too. Sandypants will get his comeuppance soon!