Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hi -
Today was the Trike-athon at K&C's preschool. Kieran had a great time riding his bike around the parking lot at their school. Connery rode in style in a wagon during the ~1.2 hour ride. Kieran really loves to ride his bike. Just before he went to bed tonight, he informed me that tomorrow there is a "Trike-a-con" where he rides his scooter (as opposed to his bike). So I guess we will be out cruising the streets tomorrow - watch for scooters.
Cheers. S.


AmySandy said...
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AmySandy said...'s hard to believe that last year, Kieran didn't even know how to use his pedals and pushed his tricycle along with his feet.

And now thanks to the "trike-a-con" I have Chaka Khan in my head...

BookMomma said...

Miss these guys!
can't wait to see you at... THE VERY FIRST BALL PRACTICE OF THEIR LIVES!!

Definitley blog-worthy.