Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thih thih and Donny, or is it Dottie.

or is it "Dottie"? That's how Connery says "Kieran and Connery." Lately, as they've both been trying to talk, I am constantly fascinated by the boys' learning of language. The way they mispronounce words or string words together is good fodder for the blog, yes, but it's also testimony of their ages. In just a few short years, they will speak like adults, and I will miss the days when they were just discovering words.

The pacifier used to be called bye, but now it's bye-uh.

He's putting two word phrases together. Kieran was fussing upstairs before his nap, and Connery said "seepy." Sandy said, "Are you sleepy, Connery?" And Connery quickly answered, "No, Thih-thih" (Kieran). As they walked upstairs to tend to big brother, he turned to me and said, "Bye, Mommy."

He's said his own name a few times, and I can't tell if he's saying Donny or Dottie. Either way, I love to hear him say it. Kieran says his name so fast, he usually just says "Conn."

The other night, Kieran asked to eat at "the hot dog place" and Connery repeated "ot doh payee."

I visit a local coffee shop called Kenny Mango's (yum!) and love that a Large is not a Venti or Grande but a Monkey Size ;) So I order a Monkey Chai every time. And I get a little plastic monkey each time I order. When I collect 10 monkeys, I bring them back and get a drink of my choice for free. Another Monkey Chai, of course. (It's a common marketing trick, but it's so much cuter with plastic monkeys than a punch card, huh?) Anyway. Not the point of the story. Well, Kieran likes to play with the monkeys and one day showed me one hanging from his finger. I said, "Silly monkey" and he started singing "No more monkeys hanging from my finger!"

Kieran was cranky one day and rubbing his eyes, so RitaBa told him, "You're a little sleepy, Kieran." He said, "I'm a big sleepy too."

He adds "just" to a lot of his sentences. Not to make a point really. He's not adamant when he says "I just like my shoes on the wrong feet." He just does.

Anytime he gets a sore and we ask him what happened, he ALWAYS says, "A 'pider just bit me." Sometimes he tells us that the spider climbed onto his arm, or his foot, and he's never disturbed by it. We're not sure where this "spider" lives or why it bites him, but it thinks he's tasty, apparently.

And he uses correct grammar! (Every English major's dream for her child...) He says, "I didn't close that cup very well" or "I'm not feeling very well."

And the other day, he told us that Monsters Inc. means Monsters "Incohpowated." Such a big word! But I guess he's a big boy these days.

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BookMomma said...

What big boys... this post made me sad!! I want to see those guys soon and see the damage the sledgehammer did. I hope your healing up ok!

Finn's newest word trick?.....
He says 'alligator' in place of 'elevator'.

We've been saying that word alot the past few days. I swear, Amy. I've had YEARS shaved off my life the past few weeks. The past few DAYS.

Honestly? The office is looking pretty good Monday.